About artist Gleb Skubachevsky

Gleb Skubachevsky — artist, FEDINI Gallery resident in Europe


BIO. Gleb Skubachevsky is based in Istanbul, Turkey

Gleb was born in 1989.

As an artist, I am convinced that anything could become a material for an artwork. My artistic practice is based on aesthetic experience, which is close to the concept of the philosophy of pragmatism (anything could be manifested outside the territory of art). Therefore I am always staying in a constant search, I am all attention, creating paintings, sculptures, installations in my own technique using fragile mediums.
In my artistic practice, I actualize the topics that invariably excite humanity. I explore the possibilities of symbiosis of plastic and pictorial expressiveness to create visual variations of extraterrestrial forms and the primary source of life. I create alienated forms using microscopic optics, accumulating natural scientific tools of cognition. Thus, the gaze penetrates into the deep layers of the material world, in which the simplest microorganisms and macrogenesis merge into single structures. I create a kind of pictorial and sculptural «portraits» of crystals, trees, metals, the simplest organisms, extrapolating them into images of the cosmic order. In this fractal logic, the reality perceived by the human sensory apparatus is a gap, a cut between a tiny microcosm and a distant, immense universe. I’m trying to increase the amplitude of the oscillation, to draw a connection between the poles and to ground this connection to where a human being stands. The very process of creation — cultivation, painstaking and lengthy, unfolded from this middle point of observation, gives a meditational character to my pieces of art .
My art practice exists in the paradigm of metamodernism. I’m looking for a balance between experimental form and material, between obviousness and slight misunderstanding. My works look alien, but familiar, they are extremely fragile and, at the same time, aggressive. A small step away from the golden mean allows me to create and explore images of alternative life forms that may become our reality in the future.

He acquired an excellent academic education. А turning point in his art biography was studying in Aidan Salakhova and Sergey Ossovsky’s studio in the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov: their mentorship became the starting point for the formation of Gleb’s own artistic concept.  The artist explored the possibilities of materials and the limits of reference, creating large canvases. In 2015, at the Dukley European Art Community he developed his own technique on the border of painting and plasticity: ornate, fragile volumes of paper, mounted on a wooden frame.

His artworks in this technique overcome the plane without losing the quality of pictorial abstraction. Gleb Skubachevsky participated in numerous art residencies worldwide where he worked and collaborated with talented artists, whose works and concepts, as he says educated him, and helped to understand aspects of different cultures. The author is constantly searching for new creative ideas and techniques. He has developed his art from paintings on six-foot canvases to complex objects, and sculptures. In 2016, he entered the Top 100 recognized young Russian artists according to INART magazine. He is a two-time winner of the UNESCO award for participation in art symposiums Patras Art Fair and the Athina Art Fair.

Artworks are in private collections in Russia, Great Britain, Montenegro, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Brazil, and China.


2020 ‣GENESIS, ASKERI GALLERY, Moscow, Russia
‣ANIMA ALIEN&BODY, St. James, Moscow, Russia
2017 ‣ITAPARICASAURS, Sacatar Foundation, Itaparica Island, Brazil
2016 ‣CIRCULATION, 11.12 Gallery (V Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art, parallel program), Moscow, Russia
2015 ‣SPIRITUM UBI VULT SPIRAT, Dukley European Art Community, Kotor, Montenegro


2021 ‣New Era: P Ii, virtual exhibition, London, UK
‣Game of Universes, Kazan, Russia
‣Acceptance of the future, x BURO, VDNH, Moscow, Russia
2019 ‣HORIZON LINE, Fine art gallery 11:11, Montenegro
‣SLOVOVNO FORUM, Dukley, Montenegro
‣ARTIST COLLABORATION, Galerie Campl, Munich, Germany
‣International Symposium of the Greek Foundation Zervas Art
‣BIRTH, Cabianca Siena, Siyena, Italiya
‣Crumple, Pound, Cook, Pour, Integration Museum, Moscow, Russia
‣HAMPTON BY HILTON, Moscow, Russia
‣THE PROCESSES , new academy, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
2018 ‣GIVE ART TO THE CITY, Moscow, Russia
‣SILENCE ET PLENITUDE, Art Dynasty Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland
‣POSTCARDS FROM ARTISTS, Sotheby’s Moscow Office, Moscow, Russia
‣RUSSIA-BULGARIA, RIA News, Moscow, Russia
‣CHAOS, Zdes Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‣23d International exhibition of architecture and design ‘ARCH MOSCOW’, Moscow, Russia
‣HERE CHILDREN PAINT, Zdes Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‣RESONANCE, Krysha Gallery, Moscow, Russia
‣RESPECT, International symposium, Cselley Muhle, Oslip, Austria
‣BEAUTY, Museum of Geology, Moscow, Russia
‣HERE THE TIME PULSES, Zdes Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2017 ‣POSTCARDS FROM ARTISTS Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia
‣TIME AWAITS, Omelchenko Gallery and A3 gallery, Moscow, Russia
‣INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE IN MANTUA, Museum of Francesco Gonzaga, Mantua, Italy
‣A POSTERIORI / FROM THE NEXT, 4th Ural industrial Biennale of contemporary art, Ural Vision Gallery, Ekaterinburg, Russia
‣15TH INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM IN PATRAS, Municipal gallery, Patras, Greece
‣IMAGO ANIMA SYMPOSIUM, Synagogue-center for contemporary art in Trnava, Slovakia
‣ART  ATHINA FAIR, Palace hotel Bomo Club, Athens, Greece
‣SPIEL MIT MIR , Zverevsky center for contemporary art, Moscow, Russia

2016 ‣GAME OVER, Aidan Studio, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
‣JUNE 22 , on the side of the human, European center of fine arts, Bratislava, Slovakia
‣I WISH , Aidan Studio, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia
‣YOUTH OF RUSSIA , The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
‣LOOK INSIDE ME, Aidan Studio, CCA Winzavod, Moscow
‣ABSTRACT-CONCRETE, Modern gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro

2015 ‣ONLINE/ OFFLINE, Aidan Studio, CCA Winzavod, Moscow, Russia

2014 ‣FLYING CITY, the Museum of Moscow, Moscow, Russia



2023 ‣ANKARAART FAIR , Ankara, Turkie

2021 ‣ARTLIFE FEST, Moscow, Russia
‣Blazar, Moscow, Russia
‣Art Moscow, Moscow, Russia
‣COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia
2019 ‣Da! Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2018 ‣ART KAOHSIUNG 2018, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
‣COSMOSCOW, Moscow, Russia



2019 ‣Cabianca Siena, Siena, Italy
‣11/11 residence, Risan, Montenegro
‣International Symposium of the Zervas Art  Foundation Moscow, Russia
2018 ‣Respect, International Symposium, Celli Mühle, Austria
2017 ‣15th International Symposium in Partah, Municipal Gallery, Partah, Greece
‣Imago Anima Symposium, Synagogue Center for Contemporary Art, Trnava, Slovakia
‣Athens Art fair, Palace Hotel Bomo Club, Athens, Greece
‣Sacatar residence, Itaparica, Brazil
2015 ‣Dukley European Art Community, Kotor, Montenegro
2013-2016 ‣Residency program in Open Studious, Winzavod CCA, Moscow, Russia