About us


You are in the Art-Office “Gallery FEDINI”, where art finds freedom and where creates all conditions for the spiritual comfort of the future art owner.

We are convinced that in order to find harmony, a person needs to practice art, acquire new knowledge and love the world in which he live.

We will adhere to our mission and beliefs throughout our activities for the benefit of human progress.


Art-Office Gallery FEDINI mission:


1. Promoting a more humane society through ethics based on human and other natural values, in the spirit of reason and free search, through the use of human abilities.

2. Support for artists in their creative path in the expanses of Russia, France and other countries.

3. Cultural and educational activities and popularization of the humanistic position, which states that a person has the right to freely determine the meaning and form of his life.




1. Development of cultural cooperation, communications and creative exchange between Russia, France and other countries.

2. Support for art lovers by ensuring a comfortable process of purchasing art-works, forming a personal collection, processing the necessary documents for obtaining property rights, participating in auctions, moving, storage, delivery and other related activities.

3. Creating comfortable conditions for artists and promoting their creativity in Russia, France and other countries.